Upcoming Apple Mobile Phones in USA With Prices 2022

Each year, Apple comes up with new standard updates, new processors, and maybe new designs in their latest iPhone models. Therefore, 2022 will be no exception because Apple is going to introduce and launch new Apple mobile phones at the best prices. If you are planning to buy a recently launched iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 pro max, wait for a bit to get more updated and reasonable options in Apple mobile phones in USA. Here we enlist the upcoming, latest, and rumored new iPhone launch 2022 with prices to let apple lovers plan their new purchase right after the release of a new model. We overview all-new models, their specifications, and prices to give you a brief guide about new updates. Read on to find the upcoming models that are believed to have peak performance and upgraded configurations.

1.     Apple iPhone 14

Apple is reportedly preparing the release of the iPhone 14 and its lineup while overlapping the iPhone mini’s models. The Apple iPhone 14 will be a 6.1 inches display screen phone with a 120Hz notch display. It may have almost the same camera specs as the 11, 12, and 13 models have, i.e., a massive 1/1.3-inch 48MP camera sensor. However, the titanium frame, speedy processor, massive memory, and A15 Bionic performance will make it the reliable pick for people who want to invest in peak performance models. As per the rumors, this model will be on the market in the mid of September. When it comes to the expected price, you can count it reasonable as it may cost only $799.

2.     Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max:

With the launch of the iPhone 14, the most updated, top-notch, and advanced model will also be released. The 14 Pro Max will have 6.7 inches display screen with a 120Hz notch display. When it comes to its camera specs, you will find the new and improved camera technology with 48MP and 12 MP direct output. The 2.5x optical zoom, dual pixel PDAF, 3D LiDAR Scanner, and other amazing specs of the camera justify its relatively high prices than other phones from this range. The 6 GB RAM and 128 to 512 GB memory capacity support also make it the best pick for people who want to upgrade the phone for the best performance. It might be on the market in September 2022 with a price range of around $1199.

3.     Apple iPhone 14 Max:

Apple has combined better performance, big display, enormous memory, incredible camera, and stylish design in iPhone 14 Max. It will have 6.7 inches display screen that is big enough to enjoy mobile usability with a top-notch display experience. It will have A14 Bionic processor that ensures the peak performance for the best experience. When it comes to the camera, you will find a 12MP front and triple rear camera for quality pictures and videos. The rear camera has coupled 50MP, 12MP, and 12MP cameras to capture quality, high definition, focused, and clear images with the Apple mobile phone. The Apple iPhone 14 Max price in the USA will be $899, which is quite reasonable compared to its amazing specifications.

4.     Apple iPhone 15 Mini:

If you are fond of iPhone minis, let us give you good news about the iPhone 15 mini launch in the upcoming year. According to rumors, it will have 8GB RAM with 128GB to 512GB memory capacity to provide reliable performance. As its name shows, it will have 5.4 inches display screen with a liquid retina OLED display. The camera will also not disappoint the user, because it will have dual rear and 3D front camera for quality picture and video recording. Moreover, the 25W wireless and fast charging option will make it compatible with everyone who uses phones vigorously. The iPhone 15 mini price is not confirmed yet, but it is believed to be relatively cheaper than other iPhone 15 ranges.

5.     Apple iPhone SE 4:

The 3rd generation of the iPhone SE has already been successfully launched this year, and Apple is expecting to release iPhone SE 4 in the upcoming June. According to circulating updates, this Apple mobile phone will feature 4 GB RAM, a 12MP dual rear camera, 8 MP front camera, multiple colors options, 5.0 inches display screen, and A15 bionic performance. These specs will make it the reliable pick that one you opt for an iPhone upgrade. When it comes to iPhone SE 4 price in Pakistan, it will cost only $600 in the USA.

6.     Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Rumors have been circulating about Apple iPhone 15 Pro, that it is going to be released on 30 September 2023. According to rumors, it will have a 12GB Ram with up to 1TB internal memory. The Apple A17 Bionic processor ensures the best processor performance for speedy tasks. It will have 6.1 inches display screen with a 12 MP back and front camera. When it comes to the battery power, the 4300mAh will make it the most efficient Apple mobile phone in iPhone 15 range. The expected price will be around $997.

7.     Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

It is expected that Apple will add the most advanced iPhone 15 Pro to the apple mobile phone lineup on 2023, September 30. In this model, users will get triple camera features with a 3D LiDAR Scanner. The A17 Bionic processor will make its performance heavy-duty. However, its internal storage capacity will be up to 1TB which allows users to score enormous files without any glitches. The iPhone 15 Pro price in the USA will be expected to start from $1394 at the time of its launch.

8.     Apple iPhone 15

If you will require the advanced iPhone specs at an affordably priced model, iPhone 15 will be the best pick for you. It is expected that it will be on the market in September 2023, and the expected cost will be $897. Its featuring specs will include 8GB RAM, 12MP dual rear and front camera, A17 bionic processor, 6.1 inches display screen, and 512 GB memory storage. These configurations and the reasonable price make this model the best pick for iPhone lovers.

So, just wait for the release of your favorite model and put your hands on it immediately after its launch.