Pakistani companies that offer services of customized boxes to the USA 2022

The packaging industry of Pakistan attains a huge market value of $5 billion in the packaging market in the world. This growth flourishes abruptly with the world’s best custom packaging solutions. Therefore, many foreign organizations and brands now prefer Pakistani companies to design, manufacture and send their customized boxes with logos. However, a long slew of options in on online market may make them feel overwhelmed in choosing the right one. Therefore, we have mentioned here the best packaging companies that offer the service of customized boxes to the USA.

Before leading towards our suggestion, let us brief you about customized boxes and their variety. It helps you choose a reliable manufacturer who can tailor the custom packaging box as per your industry or product requirement. The attractive packaging of the product is important to catch the aspiring customers, so one should choose it cautiously to make the product a success. Following are the types:

  • Custom Retail Packaging Boxes: The retail packaging should be attractive enough to catch the attention of potential customers at one sight. Therefore, their designs have all valuable information about the company name, product name, tagline, or any company slogan. You can abundantly find candle boxes, makeup boxes, CBD Boxes, Window boxes, subscription boxes, and more.
  • Custom Food Boxes: As the food industry is growing day by day due to the trend of ready-made food for convenience, custom food boxes become a necessity for bakeries, restaurants, hotels, etc. The Pakistani companies design these customized boxes as per the food type, such as cake boxes, pizza boxes, burger boxes, cookies boxes, and more.
  • Custom Cosmetic Boxes: Makeup products need to be presented in a travel-friendly yet elegant packaging. Therefore, cosmetic brands prefer using personalized boxes to make their products look worth investing in. They not only keep the expensive makeup protected inside the box, but they also convey all important information about the products. They are reliable packaging of skin care products, medicated products, makeup products, and hair care products.

Best companies for custom box packages:

Following are the leading packaging companies who offer their custom box services to the USA. They are operating online, so foreign clients can easily contact them to get customized boxes for any specific product type.

1.      Bestcustomboxes:

Best Custom Boxes claim to manufacture customized boxes from recyclable paper, so there is no environmental stress from their side. They deal with all major types of packaging boxes, including Retail boxes, rigid boxes, Cosmetic boxes, CBD boxes, Mailer boxes, and bakery boxes. They get your ideas, design the package, and show you the digital 3D mockup to satisfy you before delivery. Once you approve it, they made the premium quality boxes and deliver them straight to your place, even in USA, UK, Canada, and Pakistan. As they have their offices there, they can deliver packages with elevated quality assurance. Therefore, if you want custom packaging boxes from Pakistan to the USA, you can rely on this company for quality services.

2.      Pakboxes:

PakBoxes pledges to provide exclusive custom boxes for different types of products. The client will decide and choose the shapes, designs, dimensions, and types of packaging, and they will manufacture exclusively for them. The eco-friendly and quality material with HD printing is their guarantee because product packaging builds the first impression on customers. The best thing about this company is that they offer free shipping all over the USA without any hassle or fuss of shipping. They provide all types of retail boxes, corrugated boxes, metalized boxes, food boxes, display boxes, gift boxes, and more. You can contact them to let them tailor the packaging as per your product type and requirement, and they will make it and send it to your place with free shipping.

3.      Pakfactory:

PakFactory has dedicated packaging experts who design innovative and made high-quality packaging to help brands make a good impression. The custom printed boxes offered by PakFactory include folding cartons, corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, paper bags, Cardboard display boxes, and custom inserts. They curate industry-specific packaging to provide the best protection of the product while conveying the important details or slogan of the products. Moreover, they offer their incredible packaging solutions to the USA too. They can ship the order at any location all around the globe.

4.      Thecustomboxes:

TheCustomBoxes is one of the leading packaging companies that are designing and manufacturing personalized boxes for a wide range of industries. They allow businesses to choose the package design as per their product requirement. The different shapes, showcase exhibits, box closures, sizes, assembling, and figures make their packaging solution the best. They offer a variety of packaging, including retail boxes, metalized boxes, food and beverage boxes, mailer boxes, CBD boxes, gift boxes, rigid boxes, and more. The best thing is that they ensure the environment-friendly material to keep their services safe for the environment.


CustomBoxes have brought the eco-friendly Kraft Packaging solution in their versatile packaging boxes. Their specialty designs include die-cut boxes, food boxes, cube boxes, corrugated boxes, and other customized boxes. Businesses, organizations, and brands can personalize the shape, size, and design of the product packaging as per their unique ideas. They claim to ensure the innovative design, quality packaging, and exact size to ensure the first impression of the client’s product. 

These are the leading Pakistani companies offering their online customized boxes services in the USA too. However, you may also find more packaging companies’ names in Pakistan. It includes IndusPrinting, biotech Packages, Roshan Packages, Pak Packages, and more. Whether you want to avail their services in Pakistan or the USA, you can visit their website and contact them for any query. They know that packaging is an integrated part of a product representation. Therefore, they make sure to provide the exclusive design as per the product requirement. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with the best company, tell your packaging ideas, and let the expert design the packaging box as per your product requirement.