Top 5 Affordable Summer Vacation Destinations in 2022

Now that summer is fast approaching, you might be looking for a nice and affordable vacation Destination to travel. Which countries in the world offer the most value? Where can you travel to in 2022 that will allow you to go for longer, enjoy a higher standard, and save more money?

Although growing inflation and increased dollar rates are making it tough for families to plan a vacation this year, there are still a few cheap spots to consider if you’re planning a trip with a loved one. Here are five options for you around the world that offer the essentials – accommodation, transportation, and food – for less:

1.  Egypt

Downtown Cairo Egypt

Anyone with an interest in architecture and culture would have a wonderful time in Egypt, which is home to one of the world’s marvels, the pyramids. The fascinating Sharm-El-Sheikh resorts and a Nile cruise are just two of the numerous things Egypt has to offer. Personal, cheap cottages located around the magnificent oasis offer a complete city experience. With the currency being as low as 1EGP/11 PKR, meals, and transportation costs roughly 70-100 EGP every meal. A roundtrip airfare would cost roughly 100,000 PKR, plus a 4500 PKR visa charge.

2.  Maldives

Nautilus Maldives

Maldives, often known as “Heaven on Earth,” is a must-see destination. Although pricier than the others on the list, Male’s crystal clean beaches, the exquisite SinaMale bridge, and various jet skiing and parasailing activities make it worthwhile. The Maldives guarantees every traveler a spectacular experience and a scene they have most likely never seen before. The hotels and resorts are slightly more expensive. However, the guesthouses provide a budget-friendly package starting at around $60 per night, including breakfast. A round-trip travel ticket costs roughly 125,000 PKR. Visas are obtained on arrival.

3.  Thailand

wat phra kaew Thialand

Despite being a popular tourist destination, it is still one of the most economical summer vacation places, with a low currency conversion rate (5.77 PKR/THB) and a lot to offer a traveler. The tropical beaches of Pattaya Island, which provide scuba diving and snorkelling possibilities, give a welcome respite from Pakistan’s sweltering monsoon heat. A week would be plenty to see the key tourist sites, including as the famed floating market, the majestic palace, and the Khao Yai National Park. Transportation and dining would be inexpensive, costing roughly 20 THB for a cab and 100 THB for a lunch. Visa expenses are around 5000 PKR and normally arrive within a week. Due to the high season, a round-trip ticket would cost about 100,000 PKR.

4.  Morocco


Morocco boasts a rich cultural and architectural heritage, as well as a vibrant nightlife. Tangier and Casablanca, for example, have some of the nicest beaches and lagoons and are reasonably priced due to the low currency rate (1MAD/21 PKR). The setting dusk over Tangier’s distinctive cityscape is not to be missed. With tourist attractions such as the Hercules caverns and the fascinating Jardin Majorelle gardens, one can never get enough of the location. Airbnb and hut sharing are both inexpensive lodging choices. A round-trip ticket would cost around 200,000PKR.

5.  Turkey

bodrum Turkey

The land that gives us the best of both worlds has everything a tourist could want. The Asian side has a dreamlike scenery with abundant flora and natural beauty, but the European side has all the daring theme parks and large retail complexes. The world-famous spice market is a world unto itself, offering a wide range of spices and decorative items as well as excellent bargaining opportunities. The Hagia Sophia Museum and the spectacular hot air balloon flights in Cappadocia are not to be missed. Aside from that, the local cuisine is unforgettable. Hotels are charging as little as 13,000 PKR per night, and visas are issued within a week. A round-trip ticket would be around 125,000 PKR.

How Low can want to go?

The travel budget specified above includes modest lodging, transportation, and three meals consisting of simple breakfasts, substantial lunches, and light dinners, as well as Internet and one paid activity each day. You will need to include in additional expenses such as shopping, booze, and small splurges here and there to determine how much money is required.

Some may choose to dive or ski, which are often more expensive sports, while others may wish to simply walk about and see the local areas. If you’re on a tight budget, the proposed budgets can be reduced even more if you couchsurf, hitchhike, and avoid some activities.