Top Real Estate Websites in Pakistan

Buying or selling property was a hectic job before the rebellion of top real estate websites in Pakistan. People spent days, weeks, and months visiting different properties, real estate agents, property offices, and landowners. However, most of their visits did not give any gain to the visitor. The top property websites in Pakistan have digitalized the process of selling and buying lands, houses, shops, apartments, etc. Thus, now it becomes easy to shortlist suitable property and makes an online deal before paying out on property visits. Moreover, they also enable you to reach the best real estate agent nationwide via the best real estate websites in Pakistan without spending any penny on visits. Thus, they are the economical, convenient, and authentic source of selling and buying properties nationwide.
When you search online for real estate websites in Lahore, property websites in Karachi, or property apps in Pakistan, you will find a long slew of options on the Google page. Thus, it may seem overwhelming to choose one from there. Therefore, we enlist here the top property portals that are working for years for providing the best property deals. Whether you are a tenant, broker, owner, or businessman, our list will help you make the best deal without leaving the comfort of your couch.

1. is the most popular and highly visited real estate website in Pakistan because they are full-fledged in its offers and services. Their inventory may seem simple, but they are fully loaded with all the important information that is required for buying or selling properties. Visitors will find real estate listings, new development projects, area guides, and plot finders. Moreover, they categorized major areas, such as homes, plots, commercial properties, rental properties, agents, and new projects. Thus, it is super convenient to find an apartment, plot, house, shop, or anything with ease. To bring more convenience to digital property finders, they also provide one of the best property apps in Pakistan.

2. has emerged as a resourceful real estate website because it is loaded with authentic and reliable property listings. Whether a visitor wants to sell their property, rent out an apartment, or buy a house, the abundant property portal will provide many options online. Moreover, the website also has defined categories that make you filter the list as per your preference. You can filter the properties by property type, price range, and area. Therefore, many people consider them helpful in finding property for sale and rent nationwide.

3. was commenced by the UK-based entrepreneur, Shafiq Akbar, who has versatile experience in the real estate sector. Therefore, he revolutionized the property industry by commencing a successful megaproject. Graana is one of his best projects that provide an ultimate stop for property marketing and purchase. They feature all main sections, i.e., Buy, Rent, Protect, Agents, Developers, News, and Blogs. Therefore, it is easier for a visitor to explore the required listing and find a suitable deal online. They also feature various subsidiaries, such as Brando, Imarat, and Agency 21.

4. has enlisted the genuine property listing according to its type, location, and dealers. Whether you are a renter, tenant, owner, landlord, or estate agent, you can use its portal to find the right property at the best deal without spending extra on visiting the project site. Everything is available online, such as property details, virtual visits, prices, deals, dealers, etc. Therefore, their services and resourcefulness make them reliable in the real estate industry.

5. is an emerging real estate website in Pakistan that functions on square and transparent deals to make selling and buying properties profitable. They feature the best projects at the top-notch locations to let their valuable clients get the deal with mutual trust values. From residential properties to a commercial one, clients can find the required project on sale and rent.


Lamudi Pakistan has come up with the opportunity of investment in properties, so they feature the best deal in Lamudi properties. If you want to buy residential houses, commercial plots, offices, shops, or plots, you will find varied listings on their website. Even if you want property for rent, Lamudi will not disappoint you in finding the best for you. The best thing is that you search by location or area to make your search more definite and certain.

7. has brought the revolutionized real estate website that provides amazing marketing strategies to get an amazing deal in industrial, commercial, residential, or even agricultural properties. The portal enables property buyers and sellers to locate properties of interest transparently and unambiguously.

8. is made to guide the clients to make the best decision in buying or selling properties because the right decision will make their investment profitable. The market trends and related property rates allow the visitors to compare and choose the right one without any hassle.


Jagah Online has brought the digital portal for property in Pakistan. They omit the need for real estate agents because you can find your required house, plot, or shop at any desired location through the Jagah Online portal. Clients can look for properties by filtering the portal through categories, such as houses, Apartments, upper portions, lower portions, penthouses, shops, offices, farm houses, etc.

10. has come to improve the real estate experience for valuable clients who want to buy, rent, sell, or invest in properties. Whether you need an agent for property dealing or a property at a specific location, you can find the requisite at the best real estate website in Pakistan. Moreover, experts are also available to guide and help you make the right decision in the best investment plan.


There are numerous property websites in Pakistan, but we make our listing according to the Google rating and customer experience. Therefore, you can rely on our suggested sites to make your property investment-worthy and profitable.