Is Facebook Opening its office in Pakistan in future?

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has disputed that Facebook has established a local office in Pakistan. The FIA spokeswoman stated in a news release issued late Tuesday that the story is false and was published without confirmation from the organisation.

According to the previous sessionthe the facebook representatives are met Humayun Bashir, Director of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). During the 3.5-hour meeting, Facebook representative Michael and FIA Director Bashir covered a variety of subjects. The Director stated unequivocally that Facebook, like other South Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, must create a local presence in Pakistan.

He highlighted Pakistan’s dissatisfaction with Facebook’s refusal to give information on people propagating hatred against Pakistan and its institutions. According to the Facebook official, the corporation is exchanging information with the Pakistani authorities about child pornography and terrorism.

He did, however, say that if a local office is established in Pakistan, they would be able to offer more information. According to the person, Facebook will meet with Pakistani authorities to explore opening an office in the nation, with the next meeting scheduled for July.