PSEB and P@SHA collaborate for Pakistan’s First Free IT Boot Camp

The growth of IT sectors is critical for every country throughout the world. Special Technology Zones, IT Boot Camps, Seminars, and so on is essential for a healthy ecology. In this respect, the Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA), the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), and Excellence Delivered have joined forces to launch TechLift, the country’s first free IT boot camp. The major motivation is to help Pakistan’s youngsters enhance their skills.

The curriculum includes individual instruction in web engineering (.NET) and mobile app development (Flutter and React Native). The three-month instructor-led programme will provide students with hands-on practical sessions to help them develop their abilities.

According to the PSEB, this programme is for jobless or underemployed persons who graduated in 2017 or later. It will assist in preparing the kids for the critical abilities required in today’s fast-paced web engineering and mobile app development industries.

The TechLift boot camp programme will send individual trainees on a career path toward some of the industry’s most notable players, freelancing, or startups. The trainees will be included to a PSEB Talent Portal. It will be open to the whole IT sector and will provide career counselling and job placement services.

Classes will begin in Lahore (soon) in the initial phase, and the programme will subsequently be expanded to Islamabad and Karachi.