Top 10 Best Schools in Lahore

“Studying at a well-known institute which provides quality education is one of the key factors behind a successful professional career”.

Lahore is a large city known for its education system. Lahore’s education system is significantly superior to those of other cities in Pakistan. In this post, we will look at the Top Best Schools in Lahore, since a new poll found that “Lahore has the highest literacy rate compared to other cities in Pakistan, which is 74 percent.”

When compared to other cities in Pakistan, Lahore has the most educational establishments. The education system in Lahore schools is heavily influenced by the British educational system.

Before applying to any school for your kid or loved one, it is cimportant to conduct some preliminary research. If you are seeking for the top schools in Lahore, we have compiled a list of schools that are recognised for providing high-quality education and years of academic distinction. We have included the most well-known and well-known schools in Lahore.


1.  Beaconhouse School System

Beaconhouse School System

It is one of Pakistan’s major school networks. Beaconhouse School System was founded in 1975 with the slogan “Seek the Light.” Beaconhouse School System is one of the largest school networks in the world, operating in over nine countries (UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Oman, UAE, Pakistan, and Bangladesh). The Beaconhouse is much more than a traditional school.

The wonderful part about the Beaconhouse School System is that you will discover superior education not just in terms of studies, but they also have extracurricular activities that bring out your child’s latent gift.

Postal Address:     10-11 Gurumangat Road, Gulberg-III, Lahore Pakistan

Phone:                       042-4559867

Email:                       info@beaconhouse.net

2.      Convent of Jesus and MaryConvent of Jesus and Mary

The Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore, often known as Convent, is a private Catholic primary and secondary school for girls in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established on November 17, 1876, by the Religious of Jesus and Mary, a congregation formed by Saint Claudine Thevenet and granted formal registration in 1881. It teaches around 2,300 girls between the ages of four and eighteen, from preschool to grade 11. The prestigious institute is managed by the Sisters of Jesus and Mary, which is an organization working globally. The school strongly emphasizes on the spiritual, physical, cultural, intellectual, and social growth of the students.

Postal Address:    4 Durand Rd, Garhi Shahu, Lahore, Punjab

Phone:                           (042) 36302157

Email:                    lahore@cjm-pakistan.com




3.      The Crescent School

The Crescent School

The school opened in April 1968, with thirty-five students in a few classrooms. Later, the school relocated to Shadman Colony in Lahore’s core. The school has been at its current site since 1970, with 6000+ students on the Boys Campus and 3000+ students on the Girls Campus. They provide excellent educational and extracurricular programmes to keep pupils engaged and motivated.

Boys Campus             Shadman Colony, 352, Lahore     042 37421361

Girls Campus              Shadman Colony, 930A, Lahore  042 3596 0725

Email:    info@crescentschool.edu.pk

4.      Bloomfield Hall School

Bloomfield Hall School

Bloomfield Hall is a modern school in the sense that it provides current educational systems and technology as well as a liberal and progressive environment to stimulate critical thinking in its students. This school system aims to promote British-style education that will lead to British qualifications.

Address: 114 Gulberg Rd, Millat Colony, Lahore, Punjab

Phone: (042) 35764687

Programs: Preschool to O/A levels

5.   Divisional Public School (DPS)

DPS LAhore

Divisional Public School is one of Lahore’s top schools. In Punjab, Pakistan, there are a number of mega schools at the Division level. It was founded in the year 1963. It is also one of Pakistan’s oldest schools, having provided outstanding education since the establishment of its first two campuses in Faisalabad and Model Town, Lahore. The school is famous for its high FBISC and 0/A level scores.

Address: Model Town Circular Road, Block H Model Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Phone: +92 42 35850960

Email:  principaldpslhr@gmail.com

6.      Aitchison College

Aitchison College

Aitchison College is an independent, semi-private boys school in Lahore, Pakistan, serving students in grades 1–13. It has a long history of delivering an education that emphasizes character development via academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. It is a boarding and day school in Lahore that provides national as well as international curriculum, preparing the next generation for a successful future.

Former Prime Minister Imran was a student at this college, demonstrating the excellent level of education and talents available.

Address: Mall Rd, Garhi Shahu, Lahore, Punjab

Phone                      92 (042) -111-363-063

Email                                        info@aitchison.edu.pk

7.      LGS Lahore Grammar School


LGS first welcomed students in 1979 and has since become a common name. The school believes that every kid deserves a good education and hence provides financial assistance to disadvantaged pupils through the Lahore Education Society School. LGS has four main sections. According to students’ level, every section has its own co-culler activities like annual sports and drama competitions annually.

Address: 136 street 59, block E phase I Sector E defence housing authority, Lahore, Punjab.

Phone no: (042) 35894306

Email:      info@lgs.educ.pk

8.      International School of Choueifat

International School of Choueifat

SABIS Network, a globally known education management company, manages the school, which was founded in 1992. The SABIS Network oversees educational institutions in nations like as Germany and the United States, making the International School of Choueifat unique in the subcontinent.

Address:  662-G/1, Abdul Haque Road, Johar Town

Phone:   042-35300028-9

Email:      info@isclahore.sabis.net


9.      Future World School

Future World School

The Future World School, founded by Millennium Schools, is one of the leading schools in Lahore, offering programmes ranging from Montessori to O/A levels. Its main branch is in Islamabad.

Address:  DHA Phase 6, Sector F, Lahore

Phone no: 051 111 111 193

Email:      info@futureworld.edu.pk


10. Lahore College of Arts and Science

Lahore College of Arts and Science

LACAS has been breaking new ground and pushing the envelope since its establishment. We have spearheaded the resurrection of the yearly stage play tradition, as well as the introduction of parliamentary style debates, which have provided our students with a one-of-a-kind education. The Lahore College of Arts and Science, founded in 1987, was the first college in Lahore to provide A levels. It is a famous institute that offers a wide range of courses and extracurricular activities.

Address:  302 F/II, M.A JOHAR TOWN, LAHORE.

Phone: +92-42-35311088 to 93

Email:      info@lacas.edu.pk

Final Words

Each of these schools is distinct and distinct from the others. Our goal is to provide you with as much diversity as possible, and we do not encourage rivalry between the various schools. The private schools listed above are well-known for their academics and extracurricular activities. These schools can open new avenues for a youngster; therefore we urge that you thoroughly review each one.