First Ever Eco-Friendly Green Structure in Pakistan

Saima Premium Residency, a first-of-its-kind eco-friendly green housing structure project, has agreed to an exclusive supply of Green Electric Arc Furnace Technology steel rebars from Agha Steel Industries Limited. The Saima Group is well-known in Pakistan’s real estate planning and development market for its excellent quality and dependability, having successfully completed various large-scale projects for both residential and commercial clients.

During the event, the Chairman of the Saima Group, Mr. Zeeshan Zaki stated that, “We are extremely happy to introduce Saima Premium Residency as Pakistan’s first Eco-Friendly Green Housing Structure project, which will be built only with the best and most technologically sophisticated rebars supplied by Agha Steel,”. Our long-term objective is to become an ecologically conscientious business; thus we’re seeking for firms that share our values to enable long-term, sustainable growth for our citizens.” “We couldn’t have found a better partner for this unique programme than Agha Steel,” he added, “since they are the only firm in Pakistan that offers 100 percent refined grade steel using green steel technology.”

Mr Hussain Agha, CEO of Agha Steel, stated that, “We are thrilled to enter into this deal with Saima Group for the provision of steel to Pakistan’s First Eco-Friendly Green Structure Project,”. Industry leaders must play a critical role in securing a greener, more sustainable future for our children and grandkids. A greener Pakistan is a common aim, and this agreement demonstrates that we are on the same page.

Agha Steel Industries pioneered the Green Steel Revolution by establishing a 2.25-megawatt solar power facility and signed a term sheet with Engro Energy for Renewable Energy.

“Our cutting-edge factory uses scrap-based Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) technology,” Agha said. We save natural resources by employing recycled waste as our raw material. Our CO2 Scope 1 green-house gas emissions and energy consumption intensities are roughly seven times lower than the global steelmaking average, making the Green Arc Furnace Technology ecologically beneficial”.