Massive Increase in Prices of Honda Atlas Bikes

Honda Atlas has announced another price increase second time in less than a month. Honda Bikes Prices in Pakistan have been hiked by up to Rs. 9,000 depending on the model, beginning 1 June 2022, according to the circular. However, Atlas Honda is not the only manufacturer to raise pricing; several other motorbike manufacturers have also announced price increases. The Honda CD 70, CD 70 Dream, Pridor, CG 125, CG 125SE, CB 125F, CB 150F, and CB 150F SE models have all seen price increases in Pakistan.

Motorbike Current Price (Rs.) Suggested Price (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
CD 70 102,900 106,900 3,600
CD 70 Dream 109,500 113,500 4,000
Honda Pridor 139,900 144,900 5,000
CG 125 163,500 168,500 5,000
CG 125 SE 193,500 198,500 5,000
CB 125F 244,900 253,900 9,000
CB 150F 299,900 308,900 9,000
CB 150F SE 303,900 312,000 9,000


Despite being the most profitable and successful, Pakistan’s motorbike industry continues to deny customers newer, better, and more reasonably priced products. Despite this, their sales continue to soar owing to a lack of buyer options. The majority of a bike’s structural and mechanical components are manufactured in Pakistan. However, the localization appears to be of little value to the public, as all firms continue to raise their bike costs progressively making them unaffordable.

It is worth noting that Road Prince and United Motorcycles both announced price increases for their motorcycles a few days ago.