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Google Launches helpline for mental health issues in Pakistan

Google introduces a suicide helpline in Pakistan. This Search update will be accessible on both the desktop and mobile platforms (Android/iOS).

Google, in conjunction with ‘Umang Pakistan,’ allows users to access rapid aid at the top of the search result page while searching for anything linked to suicide.

Umang is a World Health Organization-approved suicide prevention service in Pakistan (WHO).

Farhan Qureshi, Google’s Regional Director for Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, believes as such. ‘As evidenced by trends, people in Pakistan are worried about their mental health. If you are thinking about suicide, we understand that time is of the essence in your search for help. We really hope that this feature will be of service to individuals in need.’

Kinza Naeem, the founder, and CEO of Umang Pakistan, added, “Mental illness is the most serious issue of our day, especially in nations like Pakistan, where more than 40% of the population suffers from mental disease.” We couldn’t be more grateful to Google for this crucial partnership. With your assistance, we will be able to assist as many people as possible who need mental health treatment while also breaking the stigma associated with it across the country.

The purpose of this collaboration between Umang and Google is to help Pakistan cope with the rising epidemic of suicide. Every year, between 130k and 270k persons attempt suicide in Pakistan, according to WHO estimates. Meanwhile, the number of people seeking information on mental health concerns has grown. According to Google Trends, the terms “anxiety,” “depression,” and “suicide” all peaked in the country during the 2020–21 period.