Guest Posting

Why Should Women’s Health Be a Global Priority?

Women’s health is one of the main points in the international summit, but still, many societies and governments are failing women in terms of their health. In conventional society, women are believed to be a caregiver of the family. They are the ones who care for the ill person in the family, so they are more exposed to pathogens and diseases. In addition, they ignore their own health because most societies fail to tell the importance of women’s health education. Therefore, it becomes the prime reason that women now become more vulnerable to diseases than men. However, the main dilemma is the belief of people who think women’s health only encompasses sexual and reproductive health. Though, overall good health is the major concern to achieving optimal health outcomes. Thus, this thought needs to be changed by raising the women’s health topics on a global scale.

Without further ado, let us discuss women and their health issues that impact society.

Common women’s health problems:

Some diseases and health problems affect women differently than men. Moreover, some health issues go undiagnosed because women do not bother taking care of their health. Therefore, women have exclusive health concerns, such as breast cancer, menopause, pregnancy, urinary tract infection, etc. It is the reason why women and health should be addressed simultaneously to achieve optimal health outcomes. Here we highlight some major diseases that pose considerable health risks.

·        Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer is majorly affiliated with women because it originates in the lining of the milk duck. Nowadays, it has become aggressive cancer that targets and affects the global female population. It can only be in control if women get diagnosed timely and treat before it’s too late. Women need to self-examine their breast tissue and consult a doctor if they find any breast lumps. The breast cancer awareness campaign should run globally because it becomes a global female health issue.

·        Heart Disease:

According to some statistics, death from heart attack is more common among women than men. However, heart diseases are more common among men. The high mortality rate in women is due to the unawareness of threatening heart conditions, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Women do not bother with their own health so they remain unaware of their heart condition too.

·        Ovarian Cancer and Cervical Cancer:

Besides breast cancer, ovarian and cervical cancer are also becoming aggressive slowly. Ovarian cancer originates in the fallopian tubes while cervical cancer starts in the lower uterus. Their symptoms are slightly similar and complex to differentiate. Therefore, it is important to address it globally to create awareness about this health concern.

·        Pregnancy Issues

Pregnancy is the critical phase in women’s life that exposes them to health-threatening conditions, such as depression, diabetes, etc. However, many old-schooled women do not bother about the pre-existing health condition of women as they believe it natural. Therefore, complex pregnancies and death during delivery become the major concern. It can only be controlled if one manages pregnancy and associated health concerns properly.

·        Gynecological issues:

A healthy Menstrual cycle denotes the healthy reproductive system of women. However, many women get diagnosed with different gynecological issues that disturb the menstruation period of women. It includes PCOS, PCOD, reproductive tract cancer, STDs, etc. There are many myths revolving around a female community that makes these issue more worsen. Thus, it becomes a priority to address them globally for creating awareness.

Impact of women’s health on society

Across the globe, women play an important role that makes them an epicenter of many diseases and health conditions. The 24 hours long responsibilities and duties make women weak from the core and make them vulnerable to disease. Here we mention the significant impact of their health on the societal and cultural conditions.

·        Bedrock Of Our Society

Women are considered the core of society because they are playing key roles as mothers, caregivers, teachers, financers, lawyers, and more. However, they face gender discrimination in almost all phases and fields. When they are not healthy to play their duties, all of their tasks and efficiency will be compromised. Therefore, it is important to give priority to women’s health to keep all their associated tasks going efficiently.

·        Improve overall population health:

Women’s health is societal health. You must have heard this sentence in various women’s right campaign. They are responsible are the health of the upcoming population because the mother’s health matter a lot. If the mother has any deficiencies, it will impact the health of the baby. It leads to an overall unhealthy population. Thus, every individual should consider it important for achieving a healthy family and healthy society.

·        An indispensable role in the workforce:

Women also play a significant role at all levels of management, so they are the reliable workforce in many businesses. As they have different health concerns, companies should provide some additional health benefits to women to improve their workforce. For instance, maternity leaves, maternity support, etc. If people start involving these parameters in their policies, the overall workforce will become improved automatically.

How to improve women’s health:

All we need is to bring the health concern of women to the global priority list. We need to address problems related to women’s malnutrition, maternal deaths, reproductive health problems, non-communicable diseases, and more. A holistic and life-course approach helps the community to provide health education to the women. The experts and preachers need to address all concerns from the newborn girl, adolescence, and aging period, to pregnancy. When women start taking care of their health, they will empower society with their efficiencies and powers. Moreover, violence against women should also be abandoned to make the women flourish, live, and prosper healthily in society. A society with these approaches will have healthy families, healthy communities, and healthy nations. So, let’s pledge to give importance to the health of women by creating awareness. When we start preaching it from our grass-root level, it will automatically lead to the global level.