First Pakistani Company to Export Pet Food to US

The Organic Meat Company Ltd. (TOMCL), a Pakistani meat processor company, claimed on Tuesday that it has been given contracts worth $1 million to sell pet food to Europe and the United States.
According to a notification to the Pakistan Stock Exchange, it has become “the first firm from Pakistan to successfully sell pet food to Europe and is also the pioneer to export the same to the USA market earlier.”
TOMCL, which has a meat processing factory in Karachi, intends to fulfil yearly orders worth roughly $1 million by exporting to these two new pet food destinations. “This is a new range of items that our firm is solely offering from Pakistan,” stated the company, which largely deals in exports.
According to TOMCL’s financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, the company’s revenues increased by 28% over the same time previous year to Rs3,449 million.
It just became the first firm to supply contracts from Jordan and Kuwait to deliver “Fresh-chilled Bone-in Beef” and “Commercially-Branded Frozen Bone-in Beef.”. It acquired $2.2 million in the above two deals. In September, it was awarded a $1 million contract for the delivery of frozen beef to Saudi Arabia.
The Company anticipates that these contracts will have a beneficial impact on its operations. These can provide good value to its shareholders. Thus, the recurrent profits from export orders will help both the corporation and the country.