Top 5 Must Attend Tech Conferences in 2022

In 2022, the organisers of the world’s top technological events and conferences will have to choose between a virtual model and a return to an in-person structure. Tech conferences are held on a yearly basis and are among the most sought-after events in the business. As a result, many keep an eye out for tech conferences all year.

In any case, these are the sites where technology’s wheelers and dealers gather to exhibit new technologies and share ideas. Companies and brands gather at yearly conferences to share their forecasts for the coming year, previous accomplishments, and new products.

We have compiled a list of the top five worldwide technology events and conferences.

Computex 2022

Computex is one of the major technological events in the Asia Pacific area, with an emphasis on computers. It was a yearly routine for many, and with the pandemic, it was absolutely wrecked (as was every other trade fair), but it will supposedly return to in-person awesomeness in 2022.

Computex will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, from May 24-27. Many people are interested in Computex because it focuses on creative computing, accelerated intelligence, and digital resilience. It also looks into linked X-Experience, innovations and startups, and sustainability in a single conference attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

In terms of what to expect, Intel will be ramping up for the debut of its Arc Alchemist graphics cards, Sapphire Rapids CPU platform, NVIDIA’s next-gen Ada Lovelace GPUs, and AMD’s next-gen RDNA 3 GPUs. DDR5 memory will be available with Alder Lake, which is just a few days away, as will PCIe 5.0 devices. If nothing horrible occurs between now and then, Computex 2022 should be incredibly insane.

London Tech Week

This conference will be held in London from June 13 to 17. This conference is a week-long celebration of technological progress, with many technology-specific events that attract investors. It is worthwhile to go since there is something for everyone. It hosts events ranging from AI and 5G to quantum computing, industry forecasts, and more.

Dublin Tech Summit

This one will be held in Dublin on June 15-16. Every year, the Dublin Tech Summit Virtual brings together the most significant minds in technology and business from across the world.

In terms of What to Expect is you can hear from over 200 speakers and network with over 8,000 other participants from over 60 countries. The conference will have approximately 80 conference sessions spread over four stages. They discuss issues such as space technology, new technology, growth, and much more to set the course for the IT sector in the future year.

Cloudflare Connect

Cloudflare Connect together the professionals driving network and security change to explore what’s next in the industry. This is one of the most significant gatherings. It is taking place in New York City, London, Sydney, and San Francisco from May 12th to October 18th. Cloudflare Connect brings together the professionals who are driving network and security revolution.

Why should you go? Special guest keynotes and classroom sessions, presentations, hands-on laboratories, and real-world application cases Exclusive breakout rooms will be accessible for in-person guests, with keynote presentations available remotely for free. Speakers will include Cloudflare’s CTO, John Graham-Cumming, as well as cybersecurity and digital network specialists.

Infosecurity Europe

This one will take place in London on June 21-23. Infosecurity in Europe will be one of the most significant and well-established cybersecurity conferences on the calendar. It is worth attending since it keeps one up to date on the newest developments in the business, which is precisely what this conference provides.