First Super Blood Moon in Pakistan 2022

Prepare to see the Super Blood Moon, the Total Lunar Eclipse 2022, in Pakistan on May 15th. Sky watchers across the world will be awestruck to view both the full moon and the eclipse at the same moment. It will be Pakistan’s longest total lunar eclipse, or Chand Grehan, in 2022. During the Chand Grehan 2022 time in Pakistan, the moon will be close to the earth, making it a supermoon.

Because the light brightens the Super Moon during a total lunar eclipse, it often turns a rich, dark red orange like a sunset. The hue of the Super Blood Moon at totality is determined by the worldwide condition of dust in the Earth’s atmosphere, which can range from red to virtually unnoticeable.

The eclipse, also known as the Super Red Wolf Moon, or the Super Blood Moon will be visible from New Zealand, eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Unlike solar eclipses, you can see the lunar eclipse with your own eyes. However, binoculars or a tiny telescope will be employed to observe the lunar surface’s features. Those who are unable to view the lunar eclipse/Chandra Grehan 2022 can watch it live on YouTube, NASA Live Science,, and other websites.